Mo Robinson

Sport Specific Coaching. Running. Cross Training. Indoor Rowing.

+ About Mo

Qualifications: Bsc Sport Science & Business Studies, Brunel University.

Sport and exercise has always played a big part in my life. As a youngster I enjoyed taking part in football, rugby, skiing and tennis. I attended Brunel university and studied sports science where I took up boxing and was coached by Audley Harrison, Olympic Gold medalist. I went on to win a British Universities title. In 2000 I reached the summit of Kilimanjaro. I’ve participated in the world championships for Hobie Cats (sailing) held in Dubai, run marathons, rowed a marathon, and finished top 20 in the original tough guy event. Having set up my own personal training business and worked out of other peoples gyms I was delighted to become owner of Hockley Gym in 2010.

I am passionate about exercise and have been helping clients achieve results for nearly 20 years! I believe that fitting physical activity into your daily routine is vital to maintain health and well being and that by setting targets and achievable goals motivation can be maintained. I am not about the latest fad diet or trend but more about making changes that will last.

Your commitment along with my knowledge and guidance will motivate you towards results, my wealth of experience will ensure programs are tailored specifically to your needs. Sessions are planned to ensure they are both challenging and progressive. I recommend two to three sessions of personal training a week and will work on all areas of fitness development, to ensure that you are leaner, stronger, flexible and balanced.

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Alex Bacon

Personal training expert in:

Strength Training. General Fitness. Fat & Weight Loss.

+ About Alex

Qualifications: Level 2 Gym Instructor. Level 3 Personal Trainer. Level 3 Sports Nutrition.

Hi, I'm Alex Bacon I've been based at Hockley Gym for 4 years. My motivation is helping clients achieve their goals and encouraging them to set new ones. I've learnt so much from the people I work with and have helped some amazing clients who have realised some fantastic results. I'm delighted to be part owner of Hockley Gym, and have seen it move from strength to strength, becoming more involved has made my time in fitness even more rewarding. My greatest achievements over the past 4 years are growing a semi-impressive beard and achieving 3rd in a strong man competition for charity. Setting goals is an important skill and my current goals are to continue expanding my knowledge on health & fitness and use that to assist more people reach their full potential. For more information on my personal training packages check out


Matthew Barnes

Personal training expert in: 

Bio Signature Modulation, Muscle Gain & Strength Training, Sport Specific Conditioning, Fat & Weight Loss and Nutrition Programmes.

+ About Matthew

Sport has always been a part of me. Originally from a rugby background, I first started resistance training when I was 15 to help with recovery after a serious shoulder injury. After leaving school I decided to pursue my passion for training and nutrition and since starting at Hockley Gym I've gained numerous training qualifications and have not looked back. Converting a passion into a career is what I think everybody strives for and I’m lucky enough to be doing exactly that. Training is a therapy for me, an outlet, and I feel privileged to be able to give and get back so much from something that started out as a hobby.

At the beginning of the 2015 I set myself a goal to compete in a fitness competition. I wanted to set a challenge that I knew would not be easy and would push me to my mental and physical limits. It's these kind of training and nutrition specific goals that I enjoy, giving a purpose to each training session and every meal. After ten months of dedicated and targeted training I went on stage at the Miami Pro Championships with my best ever physique. The journey gave me a vast amount of experience and knowledge about myself and how the human body reacts to different training and dietary methods. This next year is going to be a developmental year to grow my knowledge and experience within the fitness industry, enabling me to propel my clients even further to achieve their goals! If you're interested in personal training programmes check out


Jo Goodley

Expert in:

Weight Loss. Circuit Training.

+ About Jo

Qualifications: CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer. CYQ Level 2 Circuit Training. CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor.

The first time I stepped into a gym was 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

I wasn’t happy with myself for a long time after having my children, I was unfit, hated my appearance and had low self esteem. I decided to take action and joined a gym. With a lot of hard work and determination it wasn’t long before I started to see changes in my body, my health and more importantly my confidence.

I wanted so much to use my experiences to help others and so I took my qualifications to become a Personal Trainer. Whatever your goals may be, losing weight, toning up, improving fitness levels or gaining strength I will motivate you. I believe if you put 100% effort into both training and nutrition you will achieve your goals.

I also run Circuit Training classes here at Hockley Gym on a Monday evening, which is open to people of all fitness levels and offer an effective fun group workout.

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