Mo Robinson Personal Training


All my monthly packages include full membership to Hockley Gym. Each session lasts between 30 & 45mins.  
2 x per week = £250pcm
3 x per week = £360pcm

10 pack = £450 (membership not included)

Over the years I have trained many people over various numbers of sessions a week.  The most effective is when the client has at least two sessions per week ensuring quality training. I therefore only offer personal training packages which deliver 30 – 45mins of specific high quality workout to ensure that you get the most out of your body, thus guaranteeing progress and swifter results. To see continual progress, I recommend at least 2 sessions a week.

What to expect

Your first few sessions will be all about getting to know you, your goals and current levels, there will be some basic assessment, such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight and height, although this can be more detailed if required. Every client is treated as an individual and I will monitor and assess performance according to your needs.  I may use body fat analysis, strength tests and submaximal aerobic testing to assess progress.  You will receive ongoing support and guidance along with an individual training plan, and nutritional guidance.  Your training will be progressive and I will work with you to help you meet short term goals.  Everyone wants to see results fast, but the truth is results only come as a result of hard work and commitment, you need to be prepared to work hard and be committed with your training at the gym and away from the gym too, skipping sessions won’t achieve results and neither will poor dietary habits.

Terms & Conditions

Each session is between 30 & 45mins, dependent on the goal, aim, fitness level, needs and specification of the client and the session. For example a strength training session may require longer rest periods compared to a HITT training session which requires high intensity bouts and short recovery. On some occasions a session may last longer.  It is my discretion to determine the required length of each session and it may be cut short if a client is not able to get the desired quality.