Events & Achievements

Aug 2015 - Charity Marathon Row. 
42195m in 2hrs 57mins

Dec 2015 - British Indoor Rowing Championship.
2000m in 6:51

Aug 2015 Charity Row

I’ve always enjoyed training on the concept 2 rowers and spent 1/2 a day with Eddie Fletcher (indoor Rowing coach).  He carried out an intense assessment which included a rowing specific fitness test, he was happy with my technique however he stressed the importance of improving my base fitness especially as I’m now considered an older athlete. I embarked on Eddies specific marathon rowing program to develop a solid cardiovascular foundation before moving on to the “pre-competition phase” this prepared me for the British Indoor Rowing Championships. I had to spend a lot of of time on the rower and Kevin Buckmaster, one of our gym members asked me why.  I mentioned ‘marathon program’ he suggested I row a marathon for the charity he volunteers for.  So on August 9th I rowed 42195m on the concept 2 in aid of Havens hospice.  I never intended to actually row a marathon, Kevin convinced me and the constant filling of the Havens Hospice bucket with cash from supportive members kept me going, especially when I hit a bad patch with 13000m to go.  Kevin was my drinks feeder & photographer (every 10mins or so Kevin would feed me a drink via a camelback, Kevin must have walked 3miles back and forth to the fridge!) I also had Chris, Keith and Sharon who joined in and rowed alongside me at various points of the marathon.  The total raised was £275.


Ready to start!


My pacers, Chris & Keith


Thanks to Sharon for pacing me on the final leg!

British Indoor Rowing Championships (BIRC) at Lee Valley Velodrome.

On 12th December 2015 Hockley gyms rowers took part in age group events at the BIRC. Set in the center of the Olympic velodrome, 100s of concept 2 rowers played host to the championships everyone in the squad achieved PBs and Adrian had an outstanding performance to earn a silver medal! Well done to Chris, Sharon, Keith and Adrian. Our tapering was spot on!  My time for 2015 was 6:51, a personal best! Since becoming owner of Hockley Gym I’ve rowed the following times improving every year with 2012 7:18, 2013 7:01, 2014 6:55 and 2015 6:51 I’m looking forward to seeing how much faster I can go.

The Squad, all with PB's!

Warming up... Chris is taking pictures, I'm concentrating.

Adrian got silver!


Only 250m to go, pleased that I caught up the 2 guys in front of me!