No Experience Necessary!

Whatever your experience, Hockley Gym has all the equipment and trainers to help you achieve your goals!


Resistance Machines

Cable Machines
Chest Press
Hack Squat
Lat Pull Down
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Lever Back Row
Multi Press
Pec Dec
Seated Calf Raise
Shoulder Press
Tricep Dip


Tyres & Hammers

Take your workout outside in the summer with our sledgehammer and tractor tyre.

Cardio Workouts

Always get the machine you want in our dedicated 20 piece cardio area. 

Concept2 Rowers
Running machines

Floor Workouts

Ab & Stretch Mats
Abdominal Roller
Medicine Balls
Swiss Balls

Showers & Changing

We've recently refurbished the showers and changing facilities just for you. When you can leave the gym feeling fresh there's no excuse not to workout!

There's More...

Keep your workouts fresh & interesting!

Boxing Bags
Battle Ropes
Pull Up Bars
Jump Boxes
Weighted Sled

Free Weights

We boast one of the largest free weight sections in the area.

Bench Press - flat, incline & decline
Dumbbells 1kg-55kg
EZ Bars

Fixed Barbells 10-50kg
Free Standing Adjustable Benches
Olympic Barbells
Preacher Curl
Squat Racks

Rogue Power Rack
Training Plates 5-20kg
Tricep Bars
Weight Plates 1.25-25kg


Studio Classes

Come along to a circuit training class in our dedicated studio - it's included in your membership!

Wheelchair Access

The gym is all on one level so you can move freely, and our resistance machines are designed to work with wheelchairs - just slide the seat out of the way!

NHS Affiliation

Hockley Gym proudly hosts the NHS Pulmonary Rehab Clinic in our studio!